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Shuttle Dudes

Shuttle Dudes. (Your Car… Our Dudes)

Shuttle Dudes Transportation Service is a new, modern, and safe alternative personal driving service where your comfort and security is our main goal.

 With Shuttle Dudes, you can enjoy a guaranteed safe ride home. The best part is that this ride will be in your own vehicle, but more relaxing, for you will be enjoying it from your passenger seat.


Shuttle Dudes is a designated driving service supporting Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, and Boynton Beach. Services in other areas within the South Florida region may be serviced using an hourly “Personal Driver”.

Our Dudes provide you with a safe ride home.  We send one of our responsible drivers to pick up you and your vehicle to chauffeur you to any destination you please. Shuttle Dudes’ mission is to provide its clients with a safe ride home in their own car, accommodating any circumstance which hinders their ability to drive home safely.

Shuttle Dudes's Background

Shuttle Dudes's Experience

Designated Driver at Shuttle Dudes LLC

January 2012 - January 2013 | Boca Raton

Designated Driver, Shuttle Dudes, Transportation, Shuttle Dudes (Your Car Our Dudes)

Shuttle Dudes's Interests & Activities

Why US • Are you too intoxicated to drive your own car home? • Do you have an emergency that prevents you from driving? • Are you physically unable to drive comfortably due to medical reasons? • Is your license suspended? • Is driving just too stressful for you? • Is an important conference call impeding you from properly focusing on the road? • Does traffic simply make you nervous? • Is someone picking you up and you do not want your car stuck somewhere? Are you looking for comfort, convenience, flexibility, affordability, insured safety, relaxation, an alternative to the taxi cab, reliability, or just familiarity? (It is your vehicle after all!) Here’s How it Works 1. Make reservation online or call. 2. You will receive an email confirmation for your reservation. 3. Shuttle Dudes will call you 30 min prior to pickup. 4. During this call notify driver if you have changed locations. 5. Upon arrival a Shuttle Dude employee will greet you and your party and get everyone into your vehicle safely. The driver will drive you and your party home in YOUR OWN Vehicle 6. A floater car will pick the Shuttle Dude up

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